Contextual-aware web bookmarks and snippets

Collect and manage links, notes, colors, and more. Easily reference later grouped into collections on macOS and iOS.

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Manage and Organize notes, bookmarks, Colors, Dribbble Shots, and more

More Than Just Bookmarks

Store Notes, Colors, Dribbble Shots, Github Repos, Web Articles, Bookmarks, and YouTube videos. Take notes on any item you add.


Group related bookmarks within the same context in Stashverse with icons.

Better than a list

View bookmarks the way you like. We have Grid, Headlines, Masonry, or List view modes.

Powerful Search

Stashverse indexes every link you save, and works just as your internal search engine. Search the entire content of every web-page saved and find anything instantly.

Smart Context

Stashverse goes beyond parsing to understand everything about a link or text to present in the best way.
macOS WYSIWYG bookmark manager

Organizing your digital life

The Vision

Stashverse was founded around organizing your digital life. Bookmarks and notes are just the beginning. The true vision of Stashverse is to assist with large projects from an organizational standpoint to research. Imagine a single place to put notes, bookmarks, colors, Github Repos, documents, videos, and audio files. No need to have Dropbox for this and a notes app for that. The underlying value of Stashverse is context parsing. The method of trying to understand everything you save in Stashverse. If you save an article for example. How about some more info about the author with the ability to add highlights and notes. This is just the beginning.

Stashverse is maintained by a single person - Terrillo Walls. I'm building a passion project. Something I use every day. Something that is really important to me. Something that I can stand behind publicly.

The project is currently in BETA. Check out the roadmap.

Stashverse for macOS

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